Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

mumbai pg, owned and maintained by ‘partnership’. The rules and regulations are framed to ensure that the hostel property is protected and mumbai pg residents staying in the hostel are comfortable in a conductive environment for healthy living and are disciplined. The Residents are required to abide by these rules and regulations mentioned below:

1. Refund Policy
There is no refund policy.

2. Admission
2.1 Admission
Admission to the mumbai pg is provisional and is confirmed only after the approval from the facility Manager and payment of fees in full as applicable.

a. Medical immergency: A first aid kit is available at the hostel premises and further Medical Facility/Doctor on Call is available, charges as applicable.

b. Hostel Fee: The mumbai pg shall pay hostel fee for the requested and defined period of along with interest free refundable deposit in advance at the time of admission. The fee shall be paid by Demand Draft / Electronic Transfer / Cards and cash accepted.

2.2 bed Allotment/Shifting:
The Operation manager / mumbai pg has the right to shift any mumbai pg resident from one bed to another bed in the hostel.

2.3 No Creation of Tenancy:
No rights in nature of tenancy or any other like right is created by occupation or use of hostel premises and property. A mumbai pg is merely permitted to temporarily stay in the hostel, under the rules and regulations.

2.4 Safety & Personal Belongings:
The mumbai pg are personally responsible for the safety of all their valuables and should keep all their belongings in the locked lockers. The mumbai pg residents should not leave mobile, ornaments and other valuables unguarded.


2.5 Furniture, Fixture &Equipments:
a. The mumbai pg shall not bring any extra furniture or other fixture in the bed. All furniture and fixture in the bed allotted to the mumbai pg must be cared for property. The mumbai pg residents will be required to pay double the original cost if any item is found damaged or missing from their bed due to careless / negligent handling. The mumbai pg will also be required to pay twice the charges for the repair of the item that is found to have been wilfully damaged or have been damaged on account of misuse or unfair wear and tear and interchange of Furniture/ Fixture: mumbai pg is prohibited from interchanging any furniture / fixture from one point / location in the hostel to another besides a penal recovery as imposed by the facility manager. mumbai pg involved in such activities may be expelled from the hostel.

2.6 Electrical Restrictions
Electric appliances shall not be permitted in the bed, defiance of which shall enable the facility manager / mumbai pg to confiscate the gadget forthwith. The lights in the bed should be used only as and when necessary and shall be switched offwhen the bedroom is not in use. In case of default on this account, a reasonable fine per default occasion will be imposed by the facility manger/ mumbai pg.

2.7 Water
The mumbai pg should not leave taps open when the taps are dry,as it will result in wastage of water.

2.8 Room Checking
The facility manager / mumbai pg or any other officials of the mumbai pg serviced hostels may at their discretion inspect / check any bed or mumbai pg resident’s belongings in the presence of the mumbai pg living there in any time of the day or night.

2.9 Vehicles
if you have cars and bike than your responsibility of Parking.

2.10 Expulsion from hostel
The facility manager reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of the mumbai pg for any wilful disobedience or defiance of authority, on-observance of hostel rules, causing damage to person or property or indulging in some social, anti-national or undesirable activities. In such cases the deposit shall be forfeited and hostel fee will not be refunded.

Storage of baggage, belongings should be kept in the cupboard under lock. However, mumbai pg may avail common storage facility for limited quantity.

3. Visitors/Parents
Not Allowed in our area.

4. Food Facility
Food facility is available. the guest shall pay food advanced at the time of admission to the hostel
If any Guest sick, a written application and a medical certificate acknowledged by the facility manager should be given for serving food in the bed.

4.2 Food Menu
Kitchen Manager will decide the menu, check food quality from time to time, maintain a record of such inspections and give feedback for improvement of food quality and other aspects of mess dining.

4.3 Wastage of food
Only mumbai pg guests are permitted to dine in the dining area. Outside food / dabba’s are strictly forbidden in the dining area. Members are expected to inform their absence/dining out or night out, well in advance, to avoid wastage of food.

4.4 Guests
Guests are allowed in dining area only with prior permission of the facility manger and on payment of charges as applicable.

5 General

5.2 Silence:
Strict silence shall be observed in hostel from 12.00 midnight to 6.00 am. Care shall be taken at all times to ensure that music / loud talking is not audible outside the room. Any manner of festivities and noise making/ celebrations, which may cause disturbance to other inmates in the hostel premises, not allowed. Recreational facilities will be turned off at 10.00 pm with the exceptions of any special event/occasion as permitted by the facility manager.

5.3 Cleanliness
The mumbai pg shall keep their bed, verandah /balconies and surrounding areas tidy, neat and clean at all times and shall not throw anything including trash, in such places or any premises in the hostel, except in the dustbin or the place specifically provided for the said purpose.No wet clothes should be dried on the furniture or in corridors/ balconies. The facility manager may confiscate any such clothes hung for drying in balconies. mumbai pg shall not store any cooked food in room.

5.4 Firearms
Any type of storage or possession of firearm, ammunition, explosive and inflammable goods at the premises of hostel is strictly prohibited. Violation of the rules will lead to expulsion from hostel.

5.5 Pets
The mumbai pg shall not bring or keep any pets at the premises including fish, cats, dogs, etc. mumbai pg should desist from pampering stray animals by offering food, petting them etc.

6 Violation of hostel rules
6.1 Disciplinary action
In addition to penalties, punishment and fine, disciplinary action as per the code of conduct shall be taken against mumbai pg violating these hostel rules and regulations.

6.2 Recovery of damage/losses to property
If any common property is lost/ damaged/ disfigured, the loss will be recovered from guests , in equal share,who are responsible for the damage or loss or in general use of that property. The damage/loss cannot be pinpointed to other guest . If happens, a collective fine will be recovered by facility manager.

6.3 the mumbai pg is not allowed drink and any alcohol,

7 Suggestion box/Register
Suggestions and complaints should be entered in the suggestion register kept in the hostel premises with the mumbai pg.